Sam: "No Thanks"

Fran: "Sure!"

Kate: "All right"

Mariea: "I think I'll stick around for this, yeah sure, Whiskey sours please Rico?"

[Huge grin] Rico: "Suuuure"

Rico: "Bottoms up Ladies"

Fran: "Mmm I love these."

Kate: "I think I want a mixed drink, what do you say? And then dance floor. Thanks Rico, maybe we'll see you out there"

[Starring at Fran's ass] Rico: "No problem ladies"

Fran: "Loook at him Kate"

Kate: "Already on it"

So I may have noticed probably the best looking man in the bar scene and proceeded to walk towards him, struttin' my stuff, or at least trying the best I knew how.

He looked me over and I guess was liking what he was seeing, as he bought my a couple drinks and proceeded to bring me out onto the dance floor.

My god is this man a good dancer. Uhhh I can feel his six pack, Jesus.

Fran: "Can I just steal you for a minute pleaaase"

[giving her the worst look I could" Kate: "Umm in a minute?"

Fran: "No. Now."

Kate: "I'll be right back Alex"

Alex: "Ok"


Fran: "Cool it, we have worse problems then you grinding up on some extremely hot Australian looking man."

[making their way towards the exit]

Kate: "Oh really, I can't imagine, 'cause he even had the accent. You're a jerk, this better be good"

Fran: "Well you know those shots we took with Rico"

[out the front door]

Kate: "Yeah...what about them"

Fran: "Well You know how Sam said no?"

Kate: "Get to the point Fran, what's going on"

Fran: "Sam has no idea what's going on, she is ridiculously drunk and I did not see her take one shot with us, I only saw her sipping on a rum and coke with Rico at the bar"

Kate: "That's really weird, first of all because she didn't need to get drinks from him and secondly she thought he was a creep"

Fran: "Well, it was after 11, so she did need to get drinks from someone other than herself"

Kate: "Shit you're right, why didn't she ask me or you or anyone but someone she thought was creepy...wait wait you said she was acting really drunk?"

Fran: "Yeaaah"

Kate: "Ohhh crap, I think she's been roofied?"

Fran: "Yaaaaa think?!?!"

Kate: "Shut it, lets just go help her, we need to bring her home and keep talking to her until it wears off"

Fran: "Ok"

Kate: "Hi Tere, how is she doing?"

Tere: "She's Okay, I think she got it a while ago so it's starting to wear off, she's been drinking a lot of water too"

Kate: "Ok, Fran do you want to go get Annie and Mariea?"

Fran: "Yeah I'll be right back, give me your phone just in case"

[about 15 minutes later]

Fran: "Sorry, I could not find them for the longest time, they're just going to the bathroom and they'll be right out."

Tere: "Annie's sober so she can drive."

Fran: "You sure?"

Tere: "Yeah she didn't drink, she saw her friends and has just been dancing the whole time"

Fran: "Ok, let's get Sam in the car, how ya feeling honey?"

Sam: "Ok..let's just go home"

Never take a drink offered by anyone with the last name Suave