"The Suburban Life Ain't What it Seems"

My Entire life has been sheltered. Mainly due to my mother, I have barely been able to breathe outside of her consciousness. From the day I was born to the day I left for college, it has always been the same. Finally after two years of living three hours, fifteen minutes, and two hundred and fifty-seven miles away in Vermont, I have been allowed to explore the world and get in a little trouble while I was at it.

Trust me, we needed some trouble and it was gonna start by getting out of the suburbs of Beverly Massachusetts. You'd think living on the ocean, with plenty of beach in all the surrounding towns, including your own, would be enough to keep oneself satisfied...Well that's generally not the case, its not what it seems, and what we wanted was a way out...but only for a little while.

My story has the potential to go many ways, It could have gone exactly the way we planned or ended up exactly how our parents thought it would go. But that is up to you to decide. Good luck...at least make it back alive?

A Little Background Info for ya