Let's get ouuuuuutaah heraah!

You will get out of this town, even if its for one week.

[Sam's pool in her backyard- Steve's just chillin' while we sit on the side tanning]

Kate: "This summer has the potential to be great I can feel it"
Fran:"You know, I think you're right on this one for once Kate"
Kate:"Hey! shut up Fran, at least I'm going to make the best of it, even if 6 out of the seven days of the week I'll be working.
Fran:"You're friggen nuts"
Kate:"I know but I need the money for my apartment, speaking of, you guys wanna head up there soon for a weekend?"
Fran:"Yeah definitely...how about the weekend after the fourth?"
Kate:"Sure why not."
Fran:"Sam....? "


Kate: "Hello? wake up jerk face, are you in or what"
Sam: "BAH, that's cold!"
Kate: "Hahaha sorry, you asked to get splashed. So, Vermont the weekend after the fourth? Lets get a crew together and go up there"
Sam: "Yeah sounds great, hand me that towel will ya, We need to get out of here, I cant take it much longer and its only been 3 weeks since we all got back."
Kate: "Yeah the club is stressing me out, the pool is still green and the pipes to the main pump have a leak...not that you care but the members are breathing down our necks, I almost like the days that I get to wake up at 6am and go to the hospital."
Fran: "Just quit"
Kate: "Ohhh great idea Fran"
Sam: "I have a better one, Fran? Meg? how about a little trip to Marco? Sit on the beach, hang out at my Uncles Restaurant, take the boat to Key Leiden, tube, jet ski, shopping? Anything sounding up your alley?"
Kate: "I believe I'll take all of the above, sooo lets leave tomorrow...?"
Sam: "Haha how about August, my cousins will be there, Ill let you know the dates."
Kate: "Sounds amazing! I gotta go to work though, call me later about the definite plans"
Sam & Fran: "Alright, see ya"