Can I go?

Kate: "Mom...what do you think about me going to Marco Island with Sam and Francesca for a week?..."

Long pause...followed by huge sigh...Is there really a need for a dramatic answer, ahhh but of course.

Mom: "I don't see why not...ask your father though first."


So basically that will be a no...god dammit, I should just plan the trip and leave.
Hah! What would they say to that.
Never mind I know exactly what they'd do...drag me home, yell, tell me how irresponsible and disrespectful I am...I can hear it already
I guess I'll just ask...

Two days later...

Kate: "Dad?"
Dad: "Yes Kate?"
Kate: "Can I go on a fun, learning, horizon broadening trip with some friends?"
Dad: "...Uh Kate what do you ta-"
Kate: "OK. OK! So Sam asked me to go to Marco Island with her and Francesca to sit on the beach be lazy and swim in water that's 80 degrees."
Dad: "Haha well if you'd like to subject yourself to that and not the cooling waters of 65 degrees here, go ahead. How are you paying for this trip though..." he asked with a rather curious smirk that said, 'I know you want my money but you cant have it! No way no how!'
Obviously realizing this "Want to split the plane ticket with me half and half?" earnestly asking with the nicest daughterly loving smile and warm opening arms ready for a hug.
That's what I figured. Well.."I've got some money saved up from working at the hospital for the past couple weeks, I can afford it but money will be tight I'm sure if I do spend it."
Dad: "Well I trust you'll make the right decision for yourself Kate, Have fun."

Buy Ticket
Don't Buy Ticket