Buy Ticket


That definitely hurt.
Two-hundred and fifty dollars, god damn that hurt the bank account.
Good thing I'm a workaholic...who is awful as saving her money...

Well, it's not that bad...I almost feel good about it, first plane ticket I've ever bought, for a trip without my parents...god love them but good lord I cant wait. FREEDOM.


Kate:"Yup I am, just bought my ticket. Did you and Fran get yours?
Sam: "Yeah but it cost us an extra fifty dollars because we picked the wrong week, I have orientation the Friday before we actually leave."
Kate: "Ohhh, right. Well its August 14Th tho right, row 20? I called your mom and she told me how to pick your seats so we are together. I hate sitting next to the fat smelly man who brings salami sandwiches from subway. Ugh every time I'm on a plane I swear I get split up and end up next to someone or something that won't just let me read my book."
Sam: "Hahaha well unless Fran likes salami I think you ll be okay."
Kate:"Well she is Italian...Oh well we will make her sit on the aisle seat. Three more weeks and off to the warm tropical isles of Florida"
Sam: "Wooooo!"
Kate: "Call me tomorrow"
Sam: "K bye."