Uncle Mike: "Hello?"
Tere: "Dad?"
UM: "Yeah Tere, what's up, where are you guys, its almost 7 o'clocl honey, we're getting worried"
T: "Yeah I know, our cell phone's are going in and out of service, I'm on Mariea's phone. Our battery ran out of power so we can't get back, what do we do?"
UM: "I'll come pick you up with the Jetski, hold on tight for a bit, I got to make sure the restaurant is Okay if I leave for a bit and grab the jetski at home. Ill call Mommy and let her know y'all all're all okay right?"
T: "Yeah of course, just starving"

~About 35 minutes later...a couple more songs on the radio before the battery on the boombox runs out and we hear a motor in the distance

UMikey: "You guys hanging in there?"
Nick: "Yeah we're all good sir"
Sam: "Sorry about this Uncle Mikey, I didn't realize we should have just used the boombox and not the radio all day"
"UMikey: "No problem guys...I had the kitchen make you guys some food, ya hungary?"
All: " Hahaha"
Kate: "Fran is delirious, don't mind her"
Uncle Mikey: " Oh the lush needs some sobering up food huh?"
Fran: "I am not a lush! I had thwee drunks, Im fiiiiine Mikey my boy"
Uncle Mikey: "Uh huh... lets go ladies and gentlemen, bring up the anchor and load the boat . Lets get ouuuuutaaah here."