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Tere: "F*ck, there's no service here, what the hell do we do, its already six now, the coastguard left and there isn't anyone else here"

Fran: "Guys, check your phones see if anyone gets at least one bar"

Mariea: "Mine clearly will... hold on."


Mariea: "Ok so I lied...F*ck, someone give me a ciggerette"

Annie: "What do we do, is there anyone on this island?"

Nick: "Uhh does it look like it?"

Annie: "

Zach: "If we swim across the channel to the other side maybe we can find a house or something."

Kate: "Lets bring the boat onto the beach more incase the tide comes in. I dont think we should leave the boat and if we do, lets not go into the water when its dark out, and also if we want to look for a house why not just stay on Key Waiden..."

Fran: "Umm I agree, Im not one for getting my leg bit off by a shark"

Kate: "Fran there are no sharksss, we've gone over this, you're fine, as long as you're not bleeding...then I might be a little worried."

[Fran rolls her eyes]

Annie: "Okay, one boy come with Kate, Fran and I and the other stay on the boat with Mariea and Tere, ok?"

Nick: "Well I definitely am not staying."

Zach: "Neither am I, 'eff that"

Tere: "Looks like we're going too"

Mariea: "Yeah I'd say so..."

Kate: "Grab a flashlight or at least your cell phones, but lets not use them all at once, we need to conserve energy incase we need light later on or if one of us gets service."

So we started up the beach and made it half way around when there was a faint light in the distance. We crept up and found a house that looked like the one we had passed earlier in the day

[Flashback pic -->]

When we got to the front door, the only one brave enough was Zach...Oh wait...

Nick: "You go man, you're older"
Zach: "By a whopping two minutes, you're such a puss man"
Nick: "F- that Zach."
Fran: "Shutup, I'll go. I'm freaking starving, this guy better be home."
Sam: "Fran be carefullll"
Fran: "Oh it's fine, Kate come with me"
Kate: "If this guy doesnt at least have crackers and we all get killed Im blaming Fran..or in the least the puss-twins over here"


Nick: "Haha that reminds me of something...I feel the need to run away"
Sam: "This is not the time for ding dong ditch...unless he comes to the door with a rifle or knife, deal?"
Nick: "You're sucking the fun out of this"
Sam: "If I was still drunk....or even buzzeed I'd probably be right there with ya.
But I'm not.
Nick: "Fine...I'll stand right here and not move"

::creeeeeek:: [door opens an inch and a half]

"Can I help'r you kids? What the hell you doin' on my prop'ty"
Fran: "Well Kate was wondering if you had any food, you see our Battery died and our cell phones dont have service so we cant call the coastguard or our parents to come rescue us...can you help us?"
[Kate kicks Fran in the shins and gives her the evil eye]
[mumbles under her breath] Kate: "You're hungary too idiot..."
"Well..I see..How many of ya's there?"
Fran: "Eight ma'am..sir...mister i mean...shit."
Kate: "What she meant to say was Mister..."
"Jackson...Steve Jackson. Well Come in, I guess there's nothing mo' I can do to help yers. I ain't got no phone 'round herr'. I cert'nly don' have much food neither. Sorry 'bout that...I dont live here usually, I'm also just stopping by"

Okay now he's giving me the creeps. If it wasnt for his lazy eye I think I'd be okay but the Vodka was really starting to get to me, that last shot before our venture out into the darkness was not doing me good. Drinking on only breakfast was not gunna last till mornin'. F*ck.