Fran: "I call first shower"

Sam: "I am taking a nap, I'll go last"

Kate: "Second then I guess. I need to read some of my book since I brought about four of them."
Sam: "Yeaaah, not much time for reading I guess"

While Sam slept, Fran and I were getting ready. Finally waking up...

Sam: "You guys could have woken me up you know"

Kate: "You just looked so peaceful, lying there, We couldn't send in Max, we wouldn't want to torture you like that...Oh wait, didn't you do that to us?"

Sam: "Umm it was Grandma's idea annnnd you could have gently poked me or something. Whatever I'll be quick"

[yelling through bathroom door] Fran: "It's eight thirrrrty fiiiive"

Sam: "Kate do me a favor and call Tere and tell her we want to go and to get ready"

Kate: "I called her a half hour ago"

Sam: "Oh...well...good job. I'll be out in a minute"

Wow, 7 minute shower, 5 minute outfit decision, 6 minute hair style, and 4 minute makeup apply...not bad. Actually virtually impossible if you ask me...I think Grandma's clock is broken...

Fran: "Saaaaam its 9:26, let's walk down to Annie and Tere's."

Sam: "Ok, grab my camera and my purse, I just need to put on eye liner and I'm done I promise"

Kate: "Ok, lets go."

Grandma: "Have a good time girls, be careful, and not too too late ok?"

Sam: "Ok, see you in the morning, Goodnight Grandma, goodnight Poppa"

Fran & Kate: "Goodnight!"

[Walking down street to Aunt Theresa's and Uncle Mikey's]

[And clearly we had to make a pit stop...every one's mailboxes here are...well, a little out of the ordinary...]

[knock knock]

Sam: "I'll just let myself in, watch out for Diesel."

Fran: "What is Diesel?"

Sam: "You'll see..."

Fran: "...Saaaam...."

Sam: "He's harmless."

Kate: "Mother of Pearl he is large"

Sam: "Tere! You ready to go?"

Tere: "Yup Annie and Mariea are almost ready, they're just doing their makeup"

Sam: "All right, lets go"

[Car ride]

Fran: "Pump up the jams Annie"

Annie: "Oh I'm on it, don't you worry girl"

Fran: "Oh I wasn't. I was just making sure you knew we Beverly girls were here to have a good time."

Annie: "Haha Trust me, I know your kind"