Keep on Trekin'

Sam and Tere are still on the boat tanning themselves and listening to the spice girls, so Fran and I continue down the beach.

Kate: "You know we've gone pretty far, do you think we should turn around?"
Fran: "Nah, I don't feel like laying around, plus standing up we'll get tan all around and not have to bother switching sides and whatnot"
Kate: "I guess..."
Fran: "Honestly though, don't you think Anthony should make a little more time for me. Ive gone up to Lowell so many times after work, after waking up at 530am and working an eight hour shift wiping old people's asses, and barely getting a lunch break, and he's come down here, what, twice?"
Kate: "Well-"
Fran: "Annd I've gone to see all his concerts, had you guys come with me to one, and he can't even come down for my cousin's confirmation party?"
Kate: "Well it is just your cous-"
Fran: "Not to mention he's in two freaking bands, and works all day, then goes to both practices and is too tired to hang out with me, but not too tired to have a few beers with his friends after practice."
Kate: "Well-"
Fran: "I just don't get why he..."

As she continued I noticed something in the distance. As we got closer it began to take the shape of a mast and part of what would have been the sailboat. Its stern was about two feet under water and the hull just slightly less submerged.

Fran: "Oh wow, that sucks."
Kate: "Yeah, whoever owned this boat now owns nothing. Once a boat is shipwrecked it open for commercial salvaging, or at least in Mass that's true."
Fran: "So what you're saying is we should go find some treasure on this sunken ship"
Kate: "Well if you insist"
Fran: "Haha Lets go!"
Kate: "Should we go get Sam and Tere?"

Kate: "Nah, they won't want to do anything like this, plus we get all the treasure for ourselves muahahaha"