Fran: "You think we can swim out to it?"
Kate: "I think we will only have to swim a couple feet, the boats on a sandbar"
Fran: "O0oohh, all right let's go then, bring that bag so we can put whatever we find in it"

Kate: "I have a bad feeling about this, the coast guard is right over there too"
Fran: "Where I don't see him, he's way out of sight."
Kate: "He has binoculars Fran"
Fran: "Well arrest me for all I care, I'm swimming and I found a boat. Curiosity is leading me to this boat, I will find treasure, or at least something to take back"
Kate: "I guess it'd make a good story either way. Getting arrested or finding something fabulous"
Fran: "Or not finding anything at all...that'd suck. The least we can hope for is a coconut that's floated from shore and somehow gotten trapped between something on there"
Kate: "Can you swim a little faster, I'm getting a weird feeling something is following us"
Fran: "What are you talking about, like a person?"
Kate: "No, I see a dark shadow every once in a while about twenty feet behind or to the right of us."
Fran: "Let's not freak me out Kate, you know how I feel about large fish"
Kate: "Trust me, I'm right there with ya, just swim faster and get on the boat"
Fran: "F*ck I felt it touch my leg"
Kate: "Shut up Fran"
Fran: "No I'm dead serious it was leathery feeling and large. I know it was large, what kind of fish feels like leather, ew"
Kate: "I don't even want to go there, my imagination is running wild right now"
Fran: "You go first"
Kate: "Yeah right, here I'll give you a boost, I can touch if I go under water. Then you can help pull me up"
Fran: "OK, on three dunk"
"One, two, three.."
Fran: "Uggh, ouch my leg. Give me your hand, watch out for that nail right there"
Kate: "Thanks. Whoa this is definitely not very sturdy, be really careful as you walk around on the part that's slightly submerged 'cause its probably water logged and not as sturdy anymore"
Fran: "Who are you Jon Ballou? Jesus woman."
Kate: "Well I have lived with the man for 20 years as basically his understudy when it comes to this kind of stuff....or its common sense dumb ass"
Fran: "Shut it. Let's look down here, there nothing up here but rope"
Kate: "Just be careful going down those steps into the cabin"
Fran: "Ya ya ya."
Kate: "See anything...?"


Kate: "Fran?!? Are you okay" FRAN! What the hell happened? FRAAAAN??!?!"
Fran: "I--can't-----gurrghhlll---"
Kate: "Grab onto something, hold on I'm coming!"

My thought process is everywhere right now, where the hell are the stairs? How did she get down here, skinny b*tch, Quit splashing already, can't you stand. WOAAAAH what the hell was that? There's no floor to this boat, f*ck, this is not on an entire sandbar either. Fran, oh god, Fran please be okay.

Kate: "Grab my hand god damnit!...Here...No! let go of that. F*ck what's on your leg"
Fran: "I--do--don't know, b-blood maybe, some wood, ho-how ab-bout FREAKING SHARK'S TEETH what does it look like!"
Kate: "I under stand the circumstances but is there really a need to yell, I just saved your life"
Fran: "S-s-sorry....What th-the hell was that?"
Kate: "Oh that dark shadow I was seeing before, yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say it could have been a shark. But then again its teeth were in your leg, let me take a look at that"
Fran: "I'm the nursing student, I'll do it..."
Kate: "Have you been CPR certified yet? Saved any one's life before?...hmm?"
Fran: "Fine, look at it. But I will be more qualified than you someday.."
Kate: "Honestly this attitude thing is not helping...there's definitely laceration here. Do you mind if I dunk it in the water here, yeah that's it, wash off the blood...I don't see any teeth tho, just a bunch of scratches, no bite marks."
Fran: "It hurts a lot"
Kate: "Can you walk on it?"
Fran: "Nope, well not really"
Kate : "All right well lets try and Ill float you over to the beach on this piece of driftwood, it'll be like the titanic..."Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Fran, and never let go of that promise."
Fran: "Haha I promise"
Kate: "Never let go Fran, never let go"
Fran: "If I wasn't in so much pain I'd punch you...but you're too far away and that exerts much more energy than I have."
Kate: "All right all right, come on, let's get back to the boat and have the coast guard take a look at it"

Coastguard Jim: "Well, it is very bruised and swollen. You do have quite a scratch there, we'll clean it up and bandage it so you won't leave more entrails all over the beach here."
Kate: "What should she do when we get home?"
Jim: "Bring her to the ER and just have them take a look at it to double check, the cuts aren't really that deep but if they are causing her as much pain as she says then she may need to take something for it, otherwise you are free to go."

[Running out of breath]Sam: "Is everything okay?"
Tere: "We saw you guys hobbling over to the coastguard boat what happened Fran?"
Fran [giving me the eye] : "Oh its nothing..."
Kate [catching on] : "Yeah, we just were looking around some rock for bigger shells and Fran slipped and cut herself. We just had the coastguard take a look at it and clean it up a bit, that's all."
Sam: "Oh, well is it okay?"
Fran: "Oh yeah its fine, just stings a little, can we head back though I want to take some Advil and I'm starving"
Tere: "Yeah sure, its almost guys were gone for a while"
Sam: "Did you find a lot of shells?"
Kate: "Oh crap, we left them down the beach, bahh Ill go get them, meet me with the boat, it's kind of a far walk"
Tere: "All right, but I can't go all the way over there, it turns into a sand bar."
Kate: "Oh yeah we noticed that, sure thing, I'll walk to the farthest you can go."
Tere: "K...see ya in a few...don't fall on any rocks"
Kate: "Haha..."

Fish House