Key Weiden Round 2

The sun is shining and that's all that counts ...

Sam: "Let's not stay here late today...just in case, and let's also no go wondering other than in plain view of the ocean."

Kate: "Agreed"

Fran: "I do want to look for shells though...and a coconut. I'm not going home without at least one"

Kate: "Yeah I need some shells for a project I want to do in my photography class."

Fran: "But more importantly, the coconut"

Kate: "Ya ya ya, the coconut."

Sam: "I wish Annie didn't have to go back to Chicago"

Kate: "Yeah that must be rough traveling back and forth between home and school so much this summer...but I bet she loves it"

Tere: "Yeah but we miss her...sometimes."

Fran: "There aren't a lot of people here today, I'm surprised."

Kate: "Maybe they know something we don't know"

Tere: "Well there is this lovely couple behind me...looks like they have a cooler full of fun"
Fran: "Lets steal it!"
Kate: "You are such a lush"
Fran: " I can't help it if I have good taste is beverages that happen to have a high alcoholic percentage"
Kate: "There's beer in the cooler on the boat, drink that. We brought limes for the Coronas."
Fran: "Fine, fine fine. I guess that'll do."
Kate: "Well I'm going shell hunting....anyone wanna come?"
Sam: "No thanks, I want some sun"
Fran: "I'll come, hold on a sec"

Shell Hunting

Tanning on the boat? Reaaally?