Sam: "So you guys want to head to the beach again? I will not be going home pale I'll tell you that much"
Kate: "As long as we have plenty of gas, the battery is charged, we bring food, and we don't use the radio."
Fran: "Yeah let's not run into some sketchy old man again..."
Sam: "You know he looked reaaally familiar, didn't we see him at the restaurant the other night at dinner?"
Kate: "I think you're right Sam...he was sitting in the corner near the band."
Fran: "We should ask your Uncle about him"

Grandma: "Girls! Rise and shine!"
Sam: "We're all awake Grandma"
Fran: "No need to send in the dogs...especially Max"
Grandma: "We're going to head on over to the Fish house for Brunch, Poppa loves going there on Sunday mornings. Get up! Get dressed! Lets get a move on!"