Leave Steve

Nick: "Yo lets get out of here I don't trust this f*cker"

Sam: "He's just trying to get us drunk...well drunker...and then he's gonna do something bad to us...Nick do something"
Zach: "Someone tell him we are leaving, nowww"

Steve: "...and that's when I found this old place...not too shabby, I found a wine cellar so I've just been drunk for the past four days and can't find my way back home, I try every morning but I just can't see for damn straight."

Fran: "Well Steve, we will come back in the morning and try and help you home"

"Oh No you won't you'll be staying right here, all of ya's"

"{Hiccup}All right now, you better keep yo' promise to me, or I'll be coming afta' ya's"