Oh no you Wont...

Steve: " Don't think you can fool me, I ain't as think as you drunk I am"
Nick: "No way are we staying here, Ill go Mike Tyson on yo' ass son, you get out of my way"
Steve: "I wouldn't try anything with me son"

And then he pulled out an AK-47...where the hell he got this thing I haven't a f*cking clue. My palms were getting sweaty and I could see Annie and Sam tearing up behind Tere and Nick. Fran looked as though she had frozen in time while Zach was on the verge of passing out. This is an old man, I could take him. Whaaat is he, about 62, yeah I think that's about right.

Here this guy is with a friggen AK-47, the kind of shit you see in the movies and this drunken B*stard probably doesn't even have it loaded.

He takes one shot in the air...

OK then, its loaded, hopefully that's the last bullet and he's been shooting birds all day but we'll just wait and see.

::Don't move...or say anything...please:: PLEASE!