A little background info for ya

Beverly Ma, about 20 min North of Boston. Good sized town on the ocean with not much more to do than work and go to the beach.
Samantha's house: pool and kitchen
Kate's house: bedroom

Marco Island, off the coast of South-western Florida. About and hour south of Fort Meyers (where the airport is).
Sam's grandparents house
Sam's cousins house
Sam's Uncle's restaurant
Several different beaches and islands
Night club in Naples


Kate Lachance: Narrator (Left in picture)
20 years old, born in Salem Ma. DOB: November 7 1886. Lived in Beverly Ma nearly all her life. Brown curly hair, brown eyes, about 5'7 and at a healthy weight. Huge sense of humor, but usually she isn't that funny. Fran just happens to laugh at everything. Kate is one of those people who try to tell stories but in the middle realize it wasn't that interesting so they lose sight of where it was going, and end up with blank stares from her listeners at the end. She means well, but some things just never go her way.
Now attends the University of Vermont: English major, Art minor. Junior
Her family is very strict but extremely loving. Her parents kept her curfew intact until this particular summer. Although it increased every year, it was still painful to have to say "Well I gotta be home in ten minutes, think you can get me home by then?" Kate did not start drinking Alcohol until the end of her senior year at Beverly High School, along with most of her friends. She played three sports, field hockey, lacrosse, and swam for her school. She was involved in all sorts of clubs; the Ledger; the newspaper, Aegis: a literary magazine, Key Club (volunteer work), chorus and in National Honors Society. She had a fun loving personality that drew people towards her, even if she is terrible at telling stories.

Francesca Eramo: (Middle of picture)
Kate's best friend since the 6Th grade when they sat next to each other in Ms. Steele's English class.
20 years old. DOB: June 8th 1987 Brown curly hair, brown eyes about 5'6
Now attends the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Nursing Major. Junior
Fran comes from a full on Sicilian family (Italian) with parents who are also strict but she never had a curfew, she just chose to come home when Kate usually did to respect her family by not coming home at the wee bit hours of the morning. Fran wasn't as involved as Kate was but she did a few things for the school on and off, depending on her mood I guess. Brown hair, brown eyes, very Italian looking, she had two other sisters Marcella and Liana. Her parents, Nina and Umberto Eramo were only strict with Fran with her grades and family events. However I think Fran rebelled against her parents more than Kate had...go figure.

Samantha Deborah Harris: (Right of picture)
Best friend since June 22 1987, Sam's birth (naturally because Kate was born first).
Basically Kate's second home since she was young. They didn't start being as close until high school because they always went to different schools until then. Their Mom's had worked at New Perspective's together when they were little, and always attended each others birthday parties and had play dates.

Brown curly hair, Brown eyes, about 5'6
Freshman year attended: Colby Sawyer College in NH, Sophomore year took second semester off to figure out what she wanted to do, CSC too small and didn't offer what she wanted. Junior year: Lesley College in Boston, Child and Family Studies

Sam is a one of Kate's best friends, but because they've known each other for so long, and are practically sisters, its clear they can get on each others nerves easily.

Sam also wasn't as involved as Kate in high school but tried a whole bunch of things. She is rather shy and hardly likes trying new things, unlike the other two who love meeting new people all the time and seeing new things. She also comes from an Italian family, whom mostly live in Marco Island, Florida.

Marige and Steve Harris: Sam's parents
Stef: Sam's little sister
Mom and Dad: aka Kathie and Jon: Kate's parents
Kim: Kate's little sister
Nina and Umberto Eramo: Francesca's parents
Marcella and Liana: Fran's sisters

Grandma and Poppa: Margie's mom and dad, Sam's grandparents, where the girls stay on vaca
Uncle Mikey and Auntie Theresa: Sam's aunt and uncle
Tere: aka Little Theresa, Mikey and Aunt Teresa's daughter, Sam's cousin
Annie: Tere's sister, Sam's cousin
Little Mikey: Annie and Tere's little brother, Sam's cousin
Nick and Zack Goodchild: friends of Annie and Tere
Mariea: Tere's best friend