Yo I got a fake ID tho

Mercedes Benz to South Beach

This is a long path. Why did we park so far away? Ugh, I can't see a thing, flashlight anyone? Cell phone will have to do...

Kate: "So is there anyone ever on this beach?"

Tere: "Sometimes, but not many, the beach is about three miles long. Look lightening!"

Kate: "That's crazy, Sam can I see your camera?"

I'm going to capture this...meanwhile they find Nick, Zach and Mareia and the Cuervo is being kicked back as I try and capture the lightening...not as easy as those photographers make it seem....

and clearly the photographers of the evening were a bit tipsy

Fran: "Kate, come take a shot with me, give up on the light-hiccup-ening"

Kate: "Haha stop taking pictures of my ass... how many have you had and yeah pour me one"

Fran: "Three, and you'll be taking a haircut"

Nick: "What the hell is a haircut?"

Kate: "Hahah welllll...First you sit down and lean your head back"

Fran: "Then I pour in a little bit of juice first."

Kate: "And I have to close my throat...or basically don't swallow any of the juice"

Fran: "Then I pour in some tequila and she swallows both, not tasting anything but the juice"

Kate: "Um, Hey numero dos por favor?"

Nick: " Umm me next?"

Besides the fact we finished two liters of Tequila we were acting a little silly. Lets just say a little Ding dong ditch started in the hotels lining the beach.

Annnd there may have been a contest to see who could get the angriest customers out into the hallway...and who's to say Fran and I may have won...but then again this could have been Jose making this up.

Or perhaps we were chased on the beach by the Po-Po ... in our underwear....

Apparently Jose thought it was necessary to play such games in our delicates...

Home again, home again...time to rest up