Plane Ride

Tuesday August 14 5:15am BuzZzZzzz!

Ugh...really? I just want to sleep a little mooore...

::door opens::
Mom: "Kate, get uppppp, time to go. I'm driving you to Sam's, Margie is going to drive you to the airport on her way to work."
Kate: "Okay okay fine."

6:00am Arrived at 2 Tall Tree Lane home of Steve and Margie Harris, parents of my best friend Sam, since June 22 1987.

::sleep walking into the house, handed a bagel, get into other car..::

Sam: "Mom I don't know if I can do this."
Margie: "Sam, you'll be fine honey. You always are and you have Meg and Francesca right there with you. Did you take your anxiety medication?"
Sam: "'s the new kind and I was too afraid to try it."
Margie: "Alright well I think you'll be fine, don't think about it so much. Just think about the white sandy beaches, Grandma and Poppa and your cousins. Auntie Teresa is picking you up from the airport, and Annie is coming in on a flight from Chicago a half hour after you alright? So get some lunch and meet her by the bag claim"

"Ticket and identification please ma'am"
"OK, how many carry ons?"
"Alright, you're all set, NEXT!"

Margie: "OK girls, be safe, have fun, give grandma and poppa a big hug and kiss from us and stay out of trouble, but most importantly ENJOY yourselves!"

All three girls: "Thanks Margie, see you next Tuesday."