Ft Meyers

Aaaaand we are here!!! Thank god, enough was enough.
Not only did we have the typical screaming kicking five year old boy behind us but I was on the isle seat and we all know from The Wedding Singer that this seat is not the one to choose.
Fortunately for me there was a cute boy sitting to my right who clearly had it worse off than me.

"Bag claim?"
"Downstairs to the right."

Sam: "Kate I knew that, Ive only been here Oh I dunno about three times a year since I was little."
Kate: "Jeeeez sorry, lead the way your highness"
Sam: "Very funny..."
Kate: "I'm serious, the woman's directions were awful, please help us find our bags before its too late"
Sam: "Shut up, you're so dramatic...lets get lunch soon, I'm starving"
Fran: "I liiike your thinking"