Ugh more traveling...but at least we are here. Five person cars with six people in them, four in the back 2 comfortably in the front...not so good after a plane ride. God it is hot out. Thank god for air conditioning.

Ive been to Florida numerous times. Obviously to see Mickey Mouse and his friends but also to visit my Aunt and Uncle who had a home somewhere near Cinderella's castle. They live in one of those neighborhood where all the houses look pretty much the same. Generally that would be Marco Island. Separated into four parts. The condo/hotel side, the Pleasant ville looking side, the rich and famous people, and the middle where all the shops are. The place is gorgeous, you'd think after the hurricane hit still be a mess but those Marco Islanders are determined to make it look better than ever.
No wonder Gloria Estefan chose to have one of her many homes off the coast of Florida. I'm talking big money houses that are gorgeous. It was like following MTV cribs around an entire neighborhood of celeb houses.

[Grandma's House]

Finally arriving at Grandma's we were greeted with hugs and questions about our travel and not to mention hyperactive Max who loved to lick Francesca and quiet Lily who hovered in the corner. We unpacked a little bit and helped make a fabulous three course Italian meal. Grandma loves to cook and shove as much as she can on your plate. Not always the best for someone with a small appetite, I felt like I offended her for denying a third helping of her garlic mash potatoes.

After cleaning up the leftovers of what could have fed the Patriots and the Chargers, we went to our side of the house. Now Grandma and Poppa may be almost 70 but they do know how to have a good time, not to mention Sam's aunt and uncle, Hah Ive never seen a man shack so many beers back with dinner. This is definitely something I'd expect from the Harris family however totally different from mine. According to Kathy, "one beer will get ya drunk Meg, it only takes one." Great advice, Mom, thanks I'll be sure to spread the word to my fellow college friends while we play Beirut; "Hey guys, limits one okay, we don't want anyone getting out of hand."

Of course it has been made very clear to us that we must act responsibly and don't get me wrong here, I do not want Auntie Teresa and Uncle Mikey to return the message to Margie who fortunately is my second mother but unfortunately does not keep secrets with Kathy. It's been a fighting battle since Sam and I were little and sneaking extra snacks from the pantry all the way to the truth about where we really were on those late Friday nights. Either way I don't plan on embarrassing myself...but there's always room for fun right?

First night out