On the plane....

~~ Music~~If you'll be my bodyguard I can be your long lost pal. I can call you Betty and Betty you can call me Al, call m-~~

Sam: "Kate, wake up"
Kate: "Huh...what what? quit poking at me I was awake the whole time"
Sam: "I don't like it"
::grabs onto my arm::
Kate: "Sam it's just a little turbulence, its alright, you're fine."
Sam:"I know I just don't like it"
Kate:"Put your Ipod on and read your book you'll be fine."
Sam: "Okay."
::2 min later::
Kate:"Snhgggg snhggg"
Sam: "Kaaaaate"
Kate: "What? What ? I was just about to be kissed by Rya-- Oh right sorry, I fell asleep, I'm tiiiired OK."
Sam: "Dreaming huh...well can you just stay awake were almost there, and this turbulence crap you're feeding me is still making me uncomfortable."
Kate: "OK sorry, do you have the magazine, let's look through it. Actually let's watch this tv thing. This is sweet. Are there any music videos?
Sam: "Yeah, what do you want to watch?"
Kate: "TI?"
Sam: "Hahaha ok."