First Night: Hmm What shall we do

Guest bedroom: four girls piled on one bed + two yorkies toppling over everyone's intertwined legs

Tere: "Well we could always go to the beach, the stars are pretty to look at."
Sam: "Yeah..."
Fran: "Let's do something exciting! Please, I know it's our first night but I mean come'on let's get this party started"
Kate: I'm down for whatever, we have all week, lets not get too crazy.."
Fran: "Kate since when are you not all about getting into some trouble?"
Kate: "Ok, Ok, so I'm always up for that. Jeez sorry lay off okay, my mind's somewhere else."
Sam: "Haha I know where it is"
Kate: "Shut up...I can't help it if I'm attracted to good looking men."
Sam: "But can you at least wait till we get off the plane, jesus woman."
Kate: ""
Fran: "I love this girl, let's go find some boys on the beach"
Kate: "My kinda girl."
Sam: "Ugh, here we go. Um Fran isn't there a boy back home you should be thinking about...dark hair, italian, I dunno, maybe someone named...Anthony?"
Fran: "I'm allowed to look at the menu, I don't have to order"
Tere: "Alright lets go...should Jose come with us?"
Fran: "If by Jose, you mean Jose Cuervo and some limes, then yes."
Tere: "Haha Well I meant my friend Nick, we call him Jose...but that's because he's never without his Cuervo, so I guess you'll be getting both."
Fran: "Woooonderful!"

Teen drinking is very bad, yo I got a fake ID tho

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you