Back to the Boat

I definitely needed a change of...hmm lets say topic? She's driving me nuts...where is Sam, at least she keeps her mouth shut about her boyfriend...or whatever she's calling him this week.

Kate: "Heyyyy"

Sam: "Oh Hi, how was shell hunting?"

Kate: "Oh, you know"

Sam: "Well, I don't but okay...Anyone up for a swim slash go back to the fish house for some lunch?"

Kate: "Oh thank god, I'm starving. Can we skip the swim and jump in your grandma's pool later? Her pool is probably cooler than this water anyways."

Sam: "True...yeah. Is that ok Tere?"

Tere: "Hold up hold up, Let's chill for a min. I need to dry off, I just jumped in"

Fran: "Yeah, Can we just chill for a few minutes. I want to finish my beer. The water's nice Kate, it's not as warm if you lay in the sun for a min."

Kate: "Um, we've been walking in the heat for an hour, I don't think I could get hotter."

Fran: "Well just chill out for a few. Lets enjoy the weather, we're only here for two more days. Besides you're not even that tan..."

Sam: "Are you serious?!? She's as dark as night."

Kate: "Well sooorry...I can't help it. I sit in the sun for 8 straight hours at work, What do you expect?"

Sam: "All right all right, Kate's tan, end of story. Lets get some freakin lunch already."

Fish House