Fish House

Fran: "I could eat an elephant and a rhino right now."
Sam: "Oh really could you?"
Fran: "Watch me."
Tere: "We don't really serve that here but I'm sure Annie will cook you up something fabulous."
Sam: "Oh is she working today?"
Tere: "I believe so...she's standing on the dock."

[in the distance...]Annie: "Saaaaaaamanthaaaaaaaa!"
Sam: "Annniiiiiiie"
Annie: "I made you some wiiiiings"
Sam: "Thanks for announcing it to the whole restaurant Ann"
[Now at the dock]
Annie: "No prob."

[Turns towards me] Fran: Oh look who it is..."
Kate: "Oh greaaat..."

[hushed, only to Fran] Kate: "As usual, smoking a'd think someone would say something to her...I mean I know Sam's Aunt and Uncle are laid back but they definitely wouldn't want their girls smoking cigarettes.

Fran: "I just don't like her, she gives me that b*tch-wh*re vibe. You know like those prissy "popular" girls from BHS (Beverly High School), all they did was drink and smoke Reds like it's going to attract the next guy walking by. Like he's gonna take a whiff and be like 'Ohhh Girl, you look so fine smoking that cancer into your lungs, lets make out so I have some of that stale smokey taste in my mouth.' Paaaalease."

Sam: "Sooo...where are those wings?"

Annie: "Umm...right here?...I ..saved you ...some...."

Sam: "Hahaha Annie! Whatever its fine, can i have calamari instead?

Annie: "Yeah, sure. What do you girls want Ill go put in the order"

Fran: "Ohh yeahhh chicken fingers and fries PLEASE"

Tere: "Chicken Cesar Salad wrap Ann...por favor"

Kate: "Umm, how about a turkey club with extra fries, and a Laaaarge glass of water"

Mariea: "I'm good. I had a salad earlier."

[to Kate only] Fran: "Yeah...I bet she did"

[grin on her face] Kate: "Shhhh"

Fran: "Well, I am stufffffed. Can we go back to Grandma's now? I need a shower to finalize my sober-ization"

Sam: "Definitely...and maybe a nap.

Tere: "What do you girls want to do on your last night?"

Fran: "Well...let's decide when my brain stops hurting...what time is it?

Kate: "Two"

Fran: "That's it? Wow. Times a lot slower here I guess,...which is awesome obviously"

Tere: "Well, there is a club in Naples that Mariea and I usually go to on Monday nights if you guys are interested."

Mariea: "Besides the occasional creepy man, its a fun time."

Fran: "Oh are you coming too?"

Mariea: "Umm yeah."

Kate: "What time should we leave for this? Ya know so we can be ready and stuff"

Tere: "We usually leave around 1000 so that we get there by 1030ish. It's free for ladies before 11."

Fran: "When does it open?"

Tere: "10"

Fran: "We should try and leave earlier so we can get free drinks and not have to worry about buying drinks...since most of us are not 21 yet or do not own fake I.D.'s"

Sam: "True, lets leave around 930ish if we are ready"

Tere: "Just call me by 8 if you want to go and I'll be ready by 9, and pick you up at 930"

Sam: "All right, are you staying here?"

Tere: "Yeah I'm gonna help Annie out for a bit so Daddy and Mommy will let me go. And plus Annie will have a fit if I go without helping out at all today"

Sam: "All right Ill call ya around 8ish"

Oh Boy