Goooood Morning Everyone!

Fran: "Uuuuuuuggggh...what the-"

Kate: ""

Grandma: "Goooooood Morning girls! I hope you slept all right. Time for breakfast, Poppa's made you waffles! "

Sam [quoting Shrek]: "And in the morning...I'm making waffles!"

[Muffled voice coming from a lump shaped like] Fran: "How are you awake right now?"

[Muffled voice under a pillow] Kate: "Seriously..."

Sam: "I dunno, but GET UP or I'll start jumping on you"

Fran: "Five more minuuuuutes"

Sam: "K, fine."

Grandma: "Come into the Kitchen girls when you're ready"

Kate: "Poppa these are sooooo good!"

Fran: "Pass me the strawberries and whip cream please"

Grandma: "Homemade cream ladies"

Sam: "Nothing better than Grandma's cream, Mmm Mm Mmmmmm"

Kate: "So beachin' it today?"

Sam: "Yeah I'll call Tere after breakfast and we'll head down to the fish house"

Fran: "Why the restaurant?"

Grandpa: "They keep their boat on the dock at the fish house because it's easier to get to Key Waiden"

Kate: "Ohhh I see...well lets go get ready shall we?"