Look at how they shine for you...

Tere: "I love coming out here at night, Mariea and I come all the time just to watch for shooting stars"
Sam: "How romantic"
Tere: "Shut up Sam!
Sam: "Clearly I'm kidding. O0o Look! I saw one"
Kate: "Me too"
Fran: "I didn't..."
Kate: "Just watch a small area, don't scan the whole sky or you might miss it"
Sam: "What are you an astrologist"
Kate: "Uh I cannot predict the future...so you mean astronomer? Yes. Didn't you know? I changed my major"
Fran: "You did?!?!?"
Kate: "Hahaha no, are you joking...please. Although I can predict the future..."
Sam: "Oh yeah What's going to happen on this vacation, anything bad?"
Fran: "You're such a pessimist Sam"
Kate: "Well something is leading me to believe that, I had a negative vibe flowing throughout my body when you asked me that question"
Tere: "It was probably Grandma's sausage and peppers"
Kate: "Maybe you're right...hah, oh well"
Sam: "I'm getting tired...Let's go to bed and go on the boat tomorrow early in the morning so we can get in as much sun as possible...I'm not going home pale thanks"
Tere: "Mmm my bed sounds amazing right now compared to this sand"
Kate: "Yeah why is it so coarse I thought the sand on this beach was supposed to be really soft while and fine?"
Tere: "Well it is...at the other end. They brought special sand from Australia but only for one side, the more touristy side"

Bedtime...beach tomorrow!