Key Weiden

Tere: "I'll drive!"
Uncle Mikey: "Okay, did you use all the gas up last Thursday?"
Tere: "Nope...We're all set, thanks Daddy."
Uncle Mikey: "Alight, go grab some drinks from the fridge in the Tiki Bar ladies"
Sam: "Let's get some ice too"

With a full cooler of Corona, Captain Morgan's, and Absolute Mandarin, the crew all in the boat, was underway.

Rounding the bends of the 'canals,' we made it to Key Weiden, where the sun was shining, people were laughing, singing, drinking, and enjoying the sun.

We pulled the boat right up onto the beach and jumped off the back into the warm 82 degree water. Sam jumped out the front and anchored us into the beach to make sure our boat wouldn't float into our neighbors.

Annie: "Tere, crank up the jams man!"

Tere: "As long as its not techno"

Annie: "Of course it will be techno"

All: "Uhh..."

~~Music~~The way, you are. Away, afar. We've had, our past. I hope, it lasts. I know, you though. This love, can grow. We've reached, our peak. We're strong not weak. Don't leave me hanging cause you know what I'm feeling. I'll go crazy, I'll go crazy. And if I asked you to stop my from falling. Would you save me? Would you save me? Don't leave me hanging cause you know what I'm feeling. I'll go crazy, I'll go crazyyyyy~~

Nick: "Oh god, turn it off."

Annie: "But its Scott Brown..."

Nick: "How about some Chris Brown?"

Tere: "Already on it.."

~~Music~~Momma you may be 3 years older but you hot GIMME THAT. You be talking like you like what I got GIMME THAT. I know you like it how I lean in the 'lac, You could be in the back saying GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME~~

Sam: "Thankgod"

Fran: "Um Kate, can you make me another drink?"

Tere: "Is this my drink?"

Fran: "Yeah, cause I drank all mine...Kate? ...Drink? ....Please?..."

Kate: "Hold on lush, Nick wants to funnel a beer through this noodle"

Fran: "Hahaha, this should be interesting"

Kate: Ready? 1-2-3 GO!

[GulpGulpGulp] Nick: "Um numero dos?"

Kate: "Haha yeah after I make Fran's drink because she clearly is incapable of climbing in the boat...get some sea legs girl"

Nick: "Who needs sea legs to climb onto the back of a boat? We aren't even moving"

Fran: Giggles her drunken laugh

Kate: "Annnnd she's definitely tipsy"

Fran: "Drink please?"

Kate: "Captain and coke...coming right up ma'am"

Tere: "So, what's next Britney Spears? or Spice Girls?"

Kate: "Umm lets put my Ipod in"

Zach: "Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Mike Jones anyone? Gimme something to work with here."


Tere: "So I think we should probably head back now...I'm starving, the cooler is empty and we did not bring food. Fish house on my dad?

Zach: "Loooovin' that idea"

Nick: "Mmm hamburgerrr and friesss"

Sam: "Calamariiiii"

Kate: "With rum? Are you crazy that's gross Sam"

Sam: "Not if you've tasted the Calamari before"

Fran: "Ehh...good luck with that later on tonight"

Start Engine [ka-chug-chug-chghfshh]

Tere: "Uhh guys..."

~~Music cuts out~~

Tere: "Yeah, this ain't startin'"

Kate: "Did you put the battery on full?"

Tere: "Yeah, its on full"

Kate: "How about putting it in neutral, starting it and then put it in gas?"

Tere: "Umm yeah I think the batteries dead...'cause of the radio..."

Annie "Frick"

Sam: "Uhh what do we do?"

Fran: "Try calling your dad Tere"