Todays a new day...

After yesterdays little extravaganza we decided to take a day off from the hot weather to go shopping. Wooo! Clearly a girls day, Poppa, sorry but you've got to stay at home.

Grandma: "So girls, I need a new outfit for the wedding. Sam's cousin is getting married and I want to look beaaaautiful."

Sam: "Oh yeaah, I don't have anything to wear either."

Grandma: "Well, I need some youthful expertise so you're all coming along with me. If you;d like to stop in other stores just give a holler and go right ahead."

The day was looking gorgeous, and although we wished we were soaking up the sun to create a golden tan...we knew this was just what we needed after the stress of yesterdays mishaps.

After spending $162.54 ( at Bikini Hut, Buckle, and Raspberry Sunshine), which was beyond what I needed to spend but made me feel a little better...we headed to get some lunch.

And yes that meant skipping right to dessert. That's what I love about Grandma's. They always have the best ideas...its like you turn into a kid again or something when you pass 70. Who cares what you do now right?

Girl [snapping her Bubblicious]: "What can I get ya"

Sam: "Umm I cant decide, go ahead"

Grandma" "Step aside girls, this lady knows what she wants. Can I have New York Super Fudge Chunk in a waffle cone dipped in chocolate please?"

Girl [snapping her Bubblicious]:: "Sprinkles?"

Grandma: "Why the hell not, chocolate jimmies? Throw 'em on there"

Girl [snapping her Bubblicious]: "Next"

Kate: "Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz please in a sugar cone, with chocolate jimmies...I love lunchtime with Grandma"

Fran: "I'll have the same please"

Grandma: "Sam have you made up your mind yet darlin'"

Sam"...uhh... errr.... can't there just be a button that says 'This is what you want because I know what your craving and it'll hit the spot, I swear it"

Grandma: "I think those come out next year...but we don't have until then for you to decide. Just pick your usual favorite, you know you'll like it, how can you go wrong"

Sam: "Well, I wanted to try something new.... how about Bananas on the rum...I mean no Chunky Monkey...WAIT no...Half baked."

Fran: " You always get that"

Grandma: " can't go wrong"


Grandma: "O0o0 I heard it was going to rain hard today, lets get back to the car girls, bring your ice creams, and run!"

[Running through the sheets of rain]
[Wait it out]