Waiting it Out

::Newsflash on TV::
"We have suddenly received news there is a storm in southern Naples. Several buildings have been hit on the southeastern coast including major shopping centers. Please find a safe place in your home and do not go outsi-"

Fran: "Oh my God! Look at how hard the rain is coming down I cant even see our car it's coming down so hard."


Girl [swallowed her gum, choking over her words]: "Look out, stand away from the door"

As the customers jump towards to counter just in time to avoid a tree falling over from the parking lot into the front glass windows, branches and glass are flying everywhere. The girl behind the counter opens the counter door and they all hide behind it. She reaches into her purse and grabs her cell phone.

Girl: "Dammit, service is out"

Fran: "Try the store phone"

[Picks up receiver....silence]

Girl: "Those lines are out too, the tree must have knocked them down"

Grandma: "We'll just have to wait it out until the fire department comes...which could be hours depending on when this storm will end"

Fran: "Well Look on the bright side...at least we won't go hungry..."

Kate: " Um yeah is we all don't want to fit through the door when they come rescue us..."

Girl: " Haha we have other things here besides ice cream if you really get hungry...but yeah go help yourself I doubt Ben and Jerry's will get pissed if we are trapped in here and eat their ice cream"

Sam: "Screw half baked...I'm gonna go try eat one until I find new favorite"

Fran: "I'll help you."

4 hours 27 minutes and 53 seconds later...

"Is anybody in there?!?!"


"Alright, we are gonna start cutting the tree so we can move it out of the window and get you guys out of there. Is everyone all right? Is anyone hurt?"


"Okay, we'll work as fast as we can."

52 minutes later

Firefighter# 1: "Alright ladies, come right over here"

Firefighter# 2: "Any chance you can bring some of that ice cream"

Firefighter# 1[punches #2 in the leg]: "Shut up Cowan, help these ladies out"

Firefighter# 2: "Just step over this... and come through here, watch your head! Good good."

Sam: "Ughh I don't think I can make it, I feel so sick"

Kate: "I told you it was a bad idea"

Sam: "Just get me out of heraaah"

Grandma: "Is everyone OK?"

Kate: "I'm good...I can't find my bags though"

Fran: "I'm OK, very full."

Sam: "We all know how I feel...Kate I have them over here"

Girl: "I'm OK, does any one's cell phones work?"

Kate: "Mine has service, here you go"

Girl: "Thanks"

Grandma: "All right ladies lets go home...wheres the car?"

Sam: "Well the tree just missed it, thank god. I'm tired of getting stuck in places"

Kate[with a sigh]: "Mother of pearl. Let's go home."