Run to the car quick girls!

Grandma: "Get in, get in quick quick"

Sam: "Ugh we didn't close the windows all the way, shoot my seat is soaked"

Fran: "There's towels in the trunk, Ill go get them"

Grandma: "No, no time, weather girl said get home!"

Kate: "Here we can reach through the seat if you pull out the middle thing."

Fran: "Here Sam"

Route 41 South

Sam: "It's letting up"

Fran: "It's stopped..."

Kate: "What? That was ridiculously quick"

Sam: "Look a rainbow!"

Kate: "It's the whole arch, wow I've never seen that before"

Fran: "Its a double whole arched rainbow, that's amazing"

Kate: "Take a picture Sam"

Grandma: "Oh that's gorgeous!"

Home again, home again